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Analyzing Louisville Bicycle Crashes with Tableau

I started work on this project while attending the Fourth Annual Hack for Change in Louisville Kentucky in August of 2016. In the analysis, I make heavy use of  Tableau's bar charts and mapping features to examine car / bicycle crash data for an 11 year period for the Louisville, Kentucky metro area. You can review the work and conclusions in several formats by selecting the appropriate object in the slide box to the left.


Big Molecules Meet Big Data - 

Predicting Protein Tertiary Structure from Combinatorial Chemistry Data using R

In this analysis I talk about predicting protein structure using R and a real-life, messy dataset from the University of California Irvine repository.  I mainly cover exploratory analysis with some model building and domain knowledge thrown in for good measure. 

You can review the project by clicking the Title Slide for a PowerPoint presentation or the Pen and Notebook for a PDF report.


How to Do a Data Analysis

You log into your email first thing in the morning and the rumors are confirmed; your company is expanding with branch offices in three new cities. As you read, the Big Boss drops by your cubicle and says that she needs an analysis of the real estate situation in all three cities. The analysis needs to include summaries of prices based on factors such as number bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and number of square feet. It should include lots of visualizations, be clear and easy to understand, and point out any interesting relationships that you've uncovered. And you need to have it done by 11:30 a.m.

Click on Cover Page to Download the PowerPoint document.
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